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Langley Response Stage Safety Unit    

Auto Langley Response 2068 & PMR Confederate 11
Langley Medical Response Alpha = ID No. 7379

Ford Focus Estate RRV AMBULANCE
Amber & Blue / Red roof Lights
Siren, Public Address,
Rally Radio (MSA Safety Frequency) + handheld Safety Radio Alpha 7379
Crew seating x 3 seats Plus driver
GPS: Ipad & GSM Phone with Wifi Bluetooth + Charger
TomTom Uk & Europe Maps + OS  maps
Medical Equipment
Spinal Management :- 1 x KED, + Collars x 2 sets Adult & Peds
Frac Pac, Sam splints, Misc. Splints, SAM XT EXTREMITY TOURNIQUETS
Burns Kit x 2, Saline, Water gel & Blanket

Airway Management:- NP Airways set

I Gel No 3,4,5 Airways, Laryngoscope*, *spare bulb + Batteries
Laerdal Suction unit :- Mains or Battery 12v + chargers  + Vitalograph Emergency Aspirator
Cannulae, Giving Sets, Hartmann's Solution, 6 x 500
Defibrillation :-
Fred AED  3 lead ECG & Heartsine Samaritan PAD 500P Defib
Chest Trauma
Chest Drain Kit
Portable O2 CD :- x 2 + spare + 1 x D size in RED barrel Bag
Portable Entonox kit :- 1 x D Cylinder in Blue barrel Bag
Diabetic monitoring Kit:- One touch Ultra2
Pulse OXIMETER with printer:-. in green case top shelf
General First Aid Kit. (Green kit Bag ) + small Red Grab Bag
Blankets x 3  Plus 2 x Space Blankets
Boxes of Gloves 1 x Large  & 1 x XL sizes on vehicle
Water container (Clean Drinking) + Bottled water

General & Rescue Equipment

Portable Hand Held Combi Tool :
Jaws & Spreaders single action hydraulics
Rescue knife & Seat Belt Cutter :-
smith & western
Trolley Jack 2 ton
Club Hammer + Claw Hammer + Crow Bar set Long -Med- Small
Saws/cutting :-
Hand Saws x 2 with Spare Blades
Sliding wedges, Adjustable step wedges, Cribbing
Miscellaneous:- Bolt Cutters, Spade, Bow Saw, 5ltr Flask hot or Cold,
Rescue ropes, casualty screen, 2 x dump mats, 3 x torches, Broom + Handle
Fire Extinguishers: 1 x Foam & 1 x Powder 2 x small powder handheld Units
Safety Helmets x 2 :- own PPE Kit Fire Masks + Hi-Vis Tabards & Jackets
Tool Box:- with sockets & Toque set, selection of screwdrivers
Portable lighting:- Selection of Torches & 12v vehicle powered Lamps
Hot & Cool Box :- Vehicle 12v powered for long days out !
Portable Radio VHF Handsets :- 2 x Motorola 16 ch VHF Radios + Charger
12v Inverter for charging equipment etc :- Laptop, Batteries, 240v
SRG casualty Sheets & vehicle log book & MSA printed forms.
Selection of OS maps:- Paper backup for Stage Maps & location
MOTORSPORT UK Blue Book Regs Current issue :-2019
WigWag Headlights:- 
Blue Safety Led' lights grill mounted :- + Red strobes on Rear of vehicle.
Blacked out windows for Security in Rear with vehicle Alarm & immobiliser system